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Tours to North Cyprus

We offer you one of the most fascinating, unforgettable sea excursions of the Turkish Mediterranean - a two-three-day cruise on a yacht to North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is a "flying Dutchman" on the political map of the world, its existence as a state6 is recognized only by Turkey, for the rest of the world it is part of the unified Republic of Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus is Turkish culture, Greek traditions and Cypriot roots.

There are a lot of ancient sights, great beaches and great Mediterranean cuisine.

You will spend an unforgettable tour, having swept a yacht along the coast of Northern Cyprus, the Yacht will pass along the coast, stopping for bathing in small bays with crystal clear water and beautiful landscapes of the coast.

From the yacht you will see the Kyrenia fortress (a unique building of the 10th century), the castle of St. Illarion, the resort city of Kyrenia, the snake island.

Fans of fishing can take the spinning and fishing, the coastal line is simply teeming with various kinds of fish


During the stay of the yacht in the port of the city of Kyrenia (tour Girne-tourist capital and historical pearl of Northern Cyprus, founded in 10 in BC) you will visit - the Kyrenia fortress and the Shipwreck Museum, where the remains of the most ancient antique ship 6 raised the sea bottom near the coast of Kyrenia, the ship of the times of Alexander the Great - 2300 years, the museum of icons, located in the church of the Archangel Michael, the Kyrenian Museum of Folk Art, make a sightseeing tour of the city and the historical sights of the surroundings th Kirenii- Bellapais Abbey, Castle St. Hilarion, the church (Echo of the Lord), striking for its tranquility and majesty.

  We are sure that the program and atmosphere of this Mediterranean cruise will be remembered for a long time and you will more than once want to visit this paradise for holidaymakers on our yacht!

Welcome to Northern Cyprus!