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Tours on the Aegean coast

Tours on the Aegean coast

Ataberk Yacht Company offers several destinations and programs for the South-Western part of the Turkish coast. It is in this part of Turkey that there are the most beautiful coves and picturesque harbors, the best marinas, yacht clubs, chic lagoons.


The program of the tour "Alania-Demre"

The yacht leaves the Alanya marina and heads west towards Side, a stop at the famous Temple of Apollo in Side, after a sightseeing tour. The boat goes to Antalya, the yacht enters the harbor in the Kaleichi area, the oldest part of Antalya. In ancient times, Antalya was famous for its port, which was located in the very center of Kaleichi, now you can admire ancient fortress walls, guns looking at the harbor, narrow streets and picturesque stone houses, to feel the unique color of ancient Antalya! Further we keep our way towards Kemer, and we get to the beautiful Phaselis Bay, at the very foot of Takhtala Mountain, Phaselis blows beautiful pine air, the place fascinates you with its beauty, for those who want to climb up the Tahtali mountains by cable car and admire the landscapes from a bird's eye view . Sailing the village of Tekirova, the yacht swims to the bay of Cleopatra, then on our journey the peninsula of Dzheneoviz, and we are approaching the village of Adrasan and the Cape of Chavush, which is one of the most picturesque corners of Southern Turkey. The bay is an ideal place for fish fishing and diving, the water here is so transparent that the bottom can be seen at a depth of 25 meters!

After sailing further along the route the settlement of Finike, we are approaching the final point of our trip-Kekova, it is difficult to describe this landmark of the coast, it is necessary to see this by visiting our sea voyage!



The program of the tour "Alania-Fethiye"

This sea voyage passes further on the program from the tour "Alanya-Demre" to the west along the coast. The yacht sails on the program of the tour "Alania-Kekova". After visiting Demre-Mira-Kekova, the yacht goes towards Kasha, the cape Uluburun floats, in the Kash area you will see a large number of small islands, and we can swim in the clear waters in the Gulf of Kalkan, which is our next program. Kalkan is a small very quiet resort village, which meets us with small white houses and a low-rise building, passing a few picturesque bays we keep our way to Fethiye!