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Yacht construction

The construction of yachts in Turkey has a century-old history, how else, since the country is washed by four seas, the development of this industry was facilitated not only by a good geographical location, but also by the country's economic development policy

In any coastal city of Turkey you will meet ancient shipyards.

Our company continues the Turkish traditions in its modern interpretation, we offer our customers any kind of yacht that will be built according to your individual order, being guided by all your preferences

New construction begins with the choice of modeling the length, width, number of cabins, interior and exterior design, together with our engineers, builders and designers, we design for you a model yacht, which was approved.

Our company employs one of the best masters-yacht builders in Turkey, under his leadership, such yachts as Seidi Ali Reis

also the biggest entertainment yacht on the Mediterranean coast - STARCRAFT



The contract prescribes payment terms as the yacht is built, and the client is given the opportunity to choose the navigation equipment, the model and engine power, the interior trim, etc.

If you want to enjoy not only personal yacht, but also to combine business with pleasure and also earn from their boats, our company can you enter into a lease for the season, and you can also make a profit by renting a boat for tours and charters

At this stage, our company is nearing completion of the construction of the yacht Ataberk 53, more details can be found at